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1. What are your operating hours & services available?

Office Hours (9am – 5pm)
Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)

Our hotline staff will attend to All Enquiries and Requests on
- Medical & Nursing Services
- Caregiver Training
- Equipment Sales & Rental
- General Enquiries

After Office Hours
All nights, Weekends and Public Holidays

Our hotline staff will only attend to Enquiries & Service Requests related to
- Medical Consultation
- Certification of Cause of Death
- Urinary Catheterization (Nursing)
- Nasogastric Tube Insertion (Nursing)
- Oxygen Concentrator (Equipment Rental)

Other Enquiries & Service Requests will be scheduled or attended to during office hours.

2. What is your response time?

Professional Nursing Service
Our usual response time* is at least 2 – 3 hours, however we do have an option of quick response service (Nurse arrive < 2 hours) at an additional charge of $30.

Medical Service
Our usual response time* is between 1 – 2 hours. However, please give some time allowance for doctor to arrive during peak hour timing due to traffic condition.

* Subject to manpower availability

3. What are the minimum & maximum hours for General Nursing Services (Caregiver Relief)?

The minimum hours for general nursing is 2hrs, maximum is 6 hrs and it is subject to nurses’ availability.

4. What are the available Payment Methods?

Our payment methods are Cash, Cheque, Internet Banking or ATM Transfer. Payment details will be sent to our client or patient via SMS or WhatsApp after service has been rendered.

5. Do we need to buy our own supplies for the Nursing Procedures?

Our nurses carry some basic supplies. However, any supplies used from our Nurses’ stocks will be charged accordingly. Our nurses will assess and advise on the nursing supplies required for the procedures. For additional requirements or preferences, our nurses may collect the order and deliver on the next visit.

6. Can I choose or change the Nurse / Doctor that is assigned to my loved one?

Yes, please inform our hotline staff your preference of nurse before the confirmation of home visit. Change of Nurse / Doctor is subject to availability.

7. Can we cancel the Nurse / Doctor visit that has been confirmed?

Any cancellation of confirmed appointments is subject to a cancellation fee.

8. What if the Nurse / Doctor is late or does not show up?

In any event if the Nurse / Doctor is late due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will inform you via phone call prior to the scheduled time.
In the very unlikely event, RasaCare will arrange for another Nurse / Doctor at the earliest time.

Nursing Procedures

1. If the feeding tube is out and it was changed 1 week ago, can we reinsert the same feeding tube?

To minimize the risk of infection, it is not advisable to reinsert the old feeding tube if it is more than 3 days old.

2. If my loved one's feeding tube was accidentally pulled out in the night, is it necessary to call in your nurse for a change of tube?

It is not necessary if all the required medications have been taken and the last feeding has been given. However, we are always contactable via our Hotline @ 6100 6300, to schedule an early appointment for feeding tube insertion the next morning.

3. If my loved one has a urinary catheter and he/she is feeling discomfort / distension (with little urine flowing into the urine bag), what should I do?
  • Check and ensure that the urinary catheter and tubing is not blocked or kinked.

  • If necessary, “milk” the tubing that is connected to the urine bag and squeeze the connecting portion of the tubing repeatedly to dislodge any clot / sediment.

  • Empty the urine bag completely.

  • If there is still no urine after an hour, please contact us via our Hotline @ 6100 6300, to arrange for a nurse visit as the urinary catheter maybe blocked and need to be changed.

4. What can I do to prevent the urine catheter from getting blocked?
  • Encourage the patient to drink more water if he / she has no fluid restriction.

  • Freshly made juices such as cranberry juice or barley will assist in the process.

  • Squeeze the tubing frequently, 3 times a day to maintain patency.

5. Is it common to see bleeding?

Feeding Tube Insertion
Small amount of bleeding may be seen after insertion of feeding tube for patient with tumour along nasopharynx or who are not cooperative where the nurse need several attempts to insert feeding tube.

Urinary Tube Insertion
Small amount of bleeding may be seen after insertion of urinary catheter due to friction of the surrounding tissues. More so if the patient has conditions like enlarged prostate.

Suctioning Procedure
Injury to the mucus membranes may cause bleeding to occur. Using appropriate suction pressure, a water-soluble lubricant and not forcing the catheter can decrease the risk of tissue injury.

In any case if the bleeding continues, please seek medical attention in the hospital.

6. Do I need to get a Doctor’s Memo for Injection procedure?

Yes, we will require either a doctor Memo, discharge summary or medication chart from the referral source (Hospital / Clinic) before we can arrange for home visit.

Medical Services

1. In what circumstances can we request for a House Call visit by a Doctor?

Doctor Consultation is only for non-emergency cases and common symptoms such as fever, cough, vomiting, rashes etc. Please inform our hotline staff prior to the home visit if patient has any drug allergy. Additional medication prescribe by the Doctor during house call will be charged separately.

2. While waiting for our Doctor’s arrival to issue the Certification of Cause of Death (CCOD), what should be done?

Documents to be prepared includes deceased’s NRIC / Hospice File / Doctor’s Memo / Hospital Discharge Summary.
While waiting for the arrival of our doctor, family can follow the guide as mention below:

  1. Ensure that the deceased is lying flat on the back with a pillow below head and lower limbs straightened

  2. Hands at side of body or on the abdomen

  3. Keep the room cool. Switch on fan / air-con if possible (To prevent early decomposition / smell)

  4. Play prayer music (if any)

  5. Call casket to make arrangement, but advise casket that doctor has been arranged

Caregiver Training

1. How can I check on the balance claimable amount of Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) for the Care Recipient (Patient)?

Please prepare the NRIC number of the Care Recipient (Patient) and contact us via our Hotline @ 6100 3600 and we will advise you on the balance claimable amount.

2. How do I apply for Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)?

Please contact us via our Hotline @ 6100 3600 and we will take you through the application process.

3. Can we proceed with the registration of class before receiving the Foreign Domestic Worker’s (FDW) Work Permit?

While waiting for the Work Permit to arrive, please provide us with the In-Principal Approval Letter (IPA) from Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to register for the class.

4. Can you help to submit the Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) application to AIC?

Yes, we can assist in the submission of application to AIC on behalf of the family.

5. Do I need to do Means-Test Declaration to apply for grants?

Means-Test is not required for Caregivers Training Grant (CTG). However, if you are applying for Foreign Domestic Worker Grant (FDWG), Means-Test is required to be submitted to MOH or when Means-Test is no longer valid (i.e. Submitted more than 2 years ago).

6. Do I still need to pay for the Training after applying for Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)?

Yes, according to the Grant criteria, the client must pay a minimum co-payment of $10.

7. Care Recipient did not use the $200 grant this year, can it be carry forward to next year?

No, the annual grant amount must be used within the financial year (1 April to 31 March next year). Any amount not used will be forfeited.

8. Can we arrange for Home Based training on weekends?

Usually training is conducted during weekday office hour. For Home-Based training to be conducted during weekend (0900h-1400h), it is subject to Trainer’s availability & there will be a weekend surcharge of $20.

9. How many people can attend the training?

One participant is required to register for the class. However, family members can be around to learn and observe during the Home-Based training. Due to training duration constraint, trainer may not be able to answer all questions.


1. Can I come by to look at the equipment before purchasing / renting?

We do not have a showroom to display the equipment, however you may contact us via our Hotline @ 6100 3600 to make arrangements to visit our office for viewing (only if equipment are available in our office). For items that are stored in the warehouse, viewing is not possible.

2. How long is the delivery response time?

Depending on the type of equipment (purchase or rental), usual delivery time is within 1 – 3 working days.

3. Do you sell refurbished equipment?

Yes, certain refurbished equipment will be for sales. For more information contact us via our Hotline @ 6100 3600.

4. What is the warranty period for brand new & refurbished Equipment purchase?

Warranty period varies for different equipment. Please contact us via our Hotline @ 6100 3600 and we will advise you accordingly.

5. How do you charge for short term usage of Rental Equipment?

For 7 days and below, one-time admin fee will be imposed together with daily rental charges.
For more than 7 days but less than 30 days, full month rental will be charged.
Please call us to find out more about the rental charges for different types of Nursing Equipment.


We believe in inspiring and motivating people to learn the proper knowledge and skills to make a difference in caring for their loved ones.

RasaCare helps ease families into their Caregiver roles by delivering intelligible and comprehensive Caregiving and Nursing expertise and services to the Community.


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